Wiring, wiring and more wiring

I am working on all of the wiring that goes to P-1 plug.  All of the wiring for the lights, starter, battery master, fuel pump, P-Mags, accessory power plug, map & cabin lights, flaps and Alt Field.  Some I can’t do yet until the engine is mounted, because I don’t know exactly how long to make them, but whatever I can wire, I am doing so.

These are the wires for the lights and the fuel sender.


The wires in the center are from the nav lights and all need to be hooked together.  I was going to solder them, but I think it may be easier if I use a splicer. IMG_5156

These are where all the wires go up the center channel.  Once I have them all pulled up from the wings, I will group these together and tidy them up some. IMG_5157

Here is the back where all the plugs come together.  It’s a mess now, but it will get cleaned up. IMG_5158