Time to drill holes in the Canopy

Time to pucker up and drill some holes in the canopy.  It actually was not bad at all.  Once I got the good fit to everything and drilled the initial holes, then you had to go back and widen them with a #27 to fit a #6 screw.  That was nerve racking because the drill bit kept wanting to twist as it entered the plexiglass.  I didn’t get any pictures of the process, I guess I was too focused on getting the holes right and not damaging the canopy.

Here is a pic of the canopy in place with the back window. The back window is finished and will be installed in the end. That will allow for easier access to the back of the plane until I finish all the wiring.

IMG_4804 IMG_4794

I am waiting on some assistance on painting the inside of the canopy frame, because the back roll bar has to be the same color as the roll bar, which is Fighter Blue.  I can spray the primer, but I don’t have the correct gun or talent to paint the roll bar.  Once I get the canopy frame painted, then I can attach it all and start working on the fiberglass fairing on the front of the canopy and the frame.  Once that is finished, I will be waiting again for the rest of the finishing kit to be delivered.