This site will chart my progress from beginning to end of building an RV-14 Taildragger.  I used to own an RV-7, which I did not build, so I spent a ton of money changing out all the avionics, seats, tailwheel, vents and everything else I would have preferred to have it in from the start.  So then I decided the only way to get exactly what I wanted in the plane was to build it from the ground up.  I had considered the RV-10, but finally decided that I really wasn’t going to use the additional two seats.  Then when Van’s announced the RV-14, I thought that would be the perfect plane.  A little bigger than the -7, but still capable of aerobatics.  My main use for the plane will be cross country and I will also be sure it is IFR capable.  I am looking to put Glass and autopilot, but those decisions are at least a year away.

As of right now, my wife is very supportive and looking forward to the day we can hop in the plane to go visit the grandkids in Texas.  Hopefully as the build continues, so will the support and enthusiasm.

As seems to be the custom, I guess I need to tell you that this is not a “how to build an airplane” website. I’ts just a record of how I’m building mine to satisfy the requirements for certification in the Experimental Amateur Built aircraft category. A side benefit is that family and friends will be able to track my progress, in turn providing me with the incentive to SHOW progress.  However, if you are an experienced builder, or are otherwise qualified to point out my mistakes or omissions, by all means please do so!

Let the FUN begin!

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