Reworked wing tip

Per Dan Horton’s instructions, I removed the wingtip and all 40 nutplates.  Unfortunately I had my finger a little too close to the drill underneath supporting the material and added a hole in my finger.


The next step after all the nutplates were out, was to fiberglass tape the inside of the wingtip, then once that dried, add flox to the holes from the previous nutplates.



Then the flox had to be sanded down and new holes drilled for the new nutplates.  Once the wing tip was re-installed and matched up with the aileron, I started drilling holes at the leading edge on top then bottom, alternating.  As I started moving toward the back, the darn thing started coming up again.  So I got it straight, then drilled a couple at trailing edge to keep it from rising up.  That worked, although the wing skin is not perfect.  I spoke to the painter and he said once it’s painted, it really won’t show.

Here is the wingtip installed and as even as it is going to get with the aileron.