Picked up the panel at UPS

Instead of waiting for UPS to deliver the panel, we had them hold it and we went and picked it up.  It came well packed in a huge container.

IMG_4952Once we got the crate unpacked and all inventory done, it was time to start installing it in the panel.  Because some of the items were pre-wired, it was quite tricky, but once we had a chance to think about it, we got it in there.






IMG_4962Once we got it in and hooked up, it was time to apply power to it to see if it would smoke!


Well it didn’t smoke, which is a good thing.

IMG_4965Another milestone achieved.  Now it’s time to wire up all of the radios, etc.  To see the panel up close and the quality of work that Jason at Aerotronics did, I could not be happier.  Those with much more experience that me, were very impressed with the workmanship.  Thanks Jason!