Interference Test

Update:  I received the latest strobe from AeroLED and it failed as well with really no difference.  I ordered one from Whelen, which is almost twice as much money to see if that resolves my problem.  AeroLED said it’s more of a Garmin issue and once I get the magnetometer calibrated to see if turning on the strobe messes up the compass.  They don’t seem to think it will.

Update: The manufacturer, AeroLEDs said the strobe I received puts out a lot of RF and they are sending me a new one to replace it.  I should be receiving it this week.  At this point I am pretty confident all of the wiring is O.K. and a replacement tail strobe will work.

Today I did the first interference test and it failed on the tail strobe.  I’ll need to figure out if the strobes are grounded properly or if the wiring needs to be rerouted from the tail.  Everything else was O.K.