Front skin finally installed

Another milestone was achieved.  On Saturday a friend helped me install the front skin.  It wasn’t too bad, but some of the rivets in the center by the canopy latch were a pain to get to.  We had to remove the canopy latch mechanism to get to them.  The next step was prosealing all of the holes between the subpanel and the skin.  That all had to be done from underneath.  Van’s has you put masking tape on top to keep the proseal from seeping through, but when I pulled the tape off the next day, some of the proseal came out of the holes.  So I had to go back and reseal all those holes.  I decided to try and do it from the top instead of from underneath.  We’ll see how well that worked out the next time I go to the airport.

Update: it worked O.K., hopefully there will be no leaks.