Fabricated Bus Bars

I decided to use the bus bar to connect the starter relay to the master relay.  I used a ⅛” thick bar on that one.  Then I created another bar 1/16″ thick from the master to the shunt and another one to the ANL Limiter which holds the 60AMP fuse for the alternator.  That bottom post will have a 8 AWG wire attached to it leading to the alternator.  I’ll go back and add some sort of shrink tube over the area that is exposed so nothing hits it and throws off sparks.  There will be a couple of other wires attached as well, a 2 AWG coming off the battery to the Master, a 20ga going from the panel to the Master and another 20ga from the panel to the starter.  There is also a 8 AWG going from the master by the yellow diode to the panel.  I’ll remove the stickers on them once I have everything wired.  It helps to remind me which one is which.


Here’s where it will sit below the manifold.  I haven’t drilled holes in the firewall to mount it yet, I want to make sure there is nothing else going in that area, but I think that will be a good position.