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Back from Oregon

I was the first one to fly N144VA, other than a Van’s employee.  It will be a great cross country machine, but not as nimble as the RV-7 I used to own.  I am used to wheel landings, but Mike wanted me to learn 3 point landings.  It is very unnerving to get the plane right off the runway, then stall it.  It goes against my grain, but we worked on it and I made some progress, but certainly am not proficient with it.  I can say that Mike Seager is an excellent pilot and along with checking me out in the 14 and getting a sign-off, I learned a bunch of other piloting skills.  I wish I would have had some more time with him, but I have to get back to work and back to working on the plane.



Off to transition training in Oregon

I thought it would be a good idea if I flew about 5 hours in the RV-14 before my first flight.  I have about 270 hours in my old RV-7, but it has been a few years since I have flown that.  I go to Oregon and fly with Mike Seager on March 31st and April 1st.

New Set of Wheels

While waiting on the finishing kit and word is, it may be a while before we receive the wheels and motor mount, I went ahead and put on a set of wheels so I can do some of the antenna work and also be able to roll it around for better utilization.

CartThe chair on the tail is adjustable up and down, so that will allow me to level out the plane.  Here is the tail section mated up to a chair.

Tail Chair


Trip to Van’s

I went to Oregon for a Long Range Shooting School and had to stop by the plant.  Unfortunately it was a Friday and no production was going on, but Ken was nice enough to give me a ride in the -14.  Even though the weather was drizzly, we had a great flight.  Having owned a -7, the -14 seems to be much more stable.  Can’t wait to finish!