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Wiring, wiring and more wiring

I am working on all of the wiring that goes to P-1 plug.  All of the wiring for the lights, starter, battery master, fuel pump, P-Mags, accessory power plug, map & cabin lights, flaps and Alt Field.  Some I can’t do yet until the engine is mounted, because I don’t know exactly how long to make them, but whatever I can wire, I am doing so.

These are the wires for the lights and the fuel sender.


The wires in the center are from the nav lights and all need to be hooked together.  I was going to solder them, but I think it may be easier if I use a splicer. IMG_5156

These are where all the wires go up the center channel.  Once I have them all pulled up from the wings, I will group these together and tidy them up some. IMG_5157

Here is the back where all the plugs come together.  It’s a mess now, but it will get cleaned up. IMG_5158

Left Side Panel Returned and Installed

I received the panel front from Aerotronics and installed it back in the plane.  Good news about the CO2 detector, the company checked it and no problems, plus they replaced the cover with a new one, so just like new.  I’m waiting on that return to install it, then I will be finished working with the panel for now.


Here is the finished left side of the panel with the CO2 part installed.


CO2 Detector Location Problem

Once the panel was installed, I put the canopy back on to test everything.  The one thing we didn’t account for was the tunnel of the canopy and the length of the CO2 detector.  It was too high up and stuck out too far, so when you bring the canopy down, it hits.  So I had to pull out the unit and send it back to be checked for damage and rearrange the panel to put the smaller items, the ELT and Hobbs above it.

IMG_5042 IMG_5041 IMG_5043

Tidied Up the wires

I climbed in to the back of the plane and worked my way forward tidying up all the wires since I am pretty sure we have all the wires that are coming from the tail section.  The only two wires I need to address are coming from the elevator trim and tail light up to the bulkhead, then the wires coming from the bulkhead up to the instrument panel.  I also received the wire harness coming from the Garmin magnetometer and I ran that up to the panel.

More tasks

Wired the new aileron trim relay and terminated in P-7 and P-15.  Installed empennage to verify elevator fits correctly, drilled elevator horns.  Tested elevator trim.  Empennage is complete.  Wired white and green glare shield map light.  Installed Garmin 625 antenna behind the back window a little off-center on the pilot side due to the support going down the middle of the top skin.   Installed Garmin EFIS antenna in canopy on the glareshield.


Finished wiring GRT mini magnetometer.

Picked up the panel at UPS

Instead of waiting for UPS to deliver the panel, we had them hold it and we went and picked it up.  It came well packed in a huge container.

IMG_4952Once we got the crate unpacked and all inventory done, it was time to start installing it in the panel.  Because some of the items were pre-wired, it was quite tricky, but once we had a chance to think about it, we got it in there.






IMG_4962Once we got it in and hooked up, it was time to apply power to it to see if it would smoke!


Well it didn’t smoke, which is a good thing.

IMG_4965Another milestone achieved.  Now it’s time to wire up all of the radios, etc.  To see the panel up close and the quality of work that Jason at Aerotronics did, I could not be happier.  Those with much more experience that me, were very impressed with the workmanship.  Thanks Jason!