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Fabricated a Control Cable Bracket

I am not sure if I am going to use the Alt Air and I don’t want to put it on the bracket.  So if I do use it, I will put it below the air vent on the pilot side, well within reach if needed.  This gives me plenty of room between the controls and I made sure the Throttle is close to the flap switch so I can do both with one hand.


Now I need prime the part and send it off to Aerotronics to put the carbon finish on it and label it.

Bus Bar Insulation

I thought it would be a good idea to use some shrink tube on the bus bar to help eliminate anything hitting it and shorting something out.  I used the ⅛” bus bar between the starter and master solenoids and 1/16″ on the other two.  I wouldn’t have been able to bend the ⅛” in that short area.  I’ll have to remove the ones on the shunt to be able to get to the two small screws to attach the other wires, but this way everything can stay in one place for now.


Fabricated Bus Bars

I decided to use the bus bar to connect the starter relay to the master relay.  I used a ⅛” thick bar on that one.  Then I created another bar 1/16″ thick from the master to the shunt and another one to the ANL Limiter which holds the 60AMP fuse for the alternator.  That bottom post will have a 8 AWG wire attached to it leading to the alternator.  I’ll go back and add some sort of shrink tube over the area that is exposed so nothing hits it and throws off sparks.  There will be a couple of other wires attached as well, a 2 AWG coming off the battery to the Master, a 20ga going from the panel to the Master and another 20ga from the panel to the starter.  There is also a 8 AWG going from the master by the yellow diode to the panel.  I’ll remove the stickers on them once I have everything wired.  It helps to remind me which one is which.


Here’s where it will sit below the manifold.  I haven’t drilled holes in the firewall to mount it yet, I want to make sure there is nothing else going in that area, but I think that will be a good position.



Firewall Planning

Here is a picture of the firewall with the fittings I currently have on it.  I am trying to plan any additional penetrations now before I receive the engine mount and actually mount the engine.  With the help from Matt, who’s building a RV-14a for Van’s, I was able to determine what the existing nutplates will be used for.