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Exhaust Update

Clint from Vetterman’s is sending me replacement mufflers.  The first ones were 2″ and the replacement will be 1 ½”.  He feels the fit will be better, so I installed the exhaust on the cylinders and I can mate up the mufflers once I receive them.


Exhaust Installed, Temporarily

I received my exhaust from Vetterman and installed it.  One of the mufflers had a couple of dents in it and Clint is not sure this is the final design.  It is different from Van’s, it has two pipes verse the one that Van’s has going down the center tunnel.  I will have to cut a couple of holes in the bottom cowl to allow for them to come out the bottom.







Backup Alternator

After several hours of trying every tool to get the lower left nut installed, I finally came up with a solution that required sacrificing a brand new wrench. I used a magnet extension to initially put the washer, lock washer and nut on the stud.



Hopefully they remember how to put it back together!

Here’s our brand new Lycoming IO-390 about to get reworked.  They are going to Port Flow and Balance Cylinders, alodine heads and paint the barrels black, exchange camshaft for performance grind, O-Ring case and precision re-balance.  They are also adding the dual P-Mag instead of the magnetos.  Once done, it will be painted this blue.  Once all of that is done, test it.


Lycoming at Van’s Booth

Decided to purchase the Lycoming IO-390 from Ly-Con.  They are going to add dual P-Mags, Port Flow and Balance Cylinders, Alodine heads and paint barrels black, disassemble engine, exchange camshaft for performance grind, O-Ring case, precision re-balance, then, test cell run.