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Overhead View

Once all the feathers were on, including ailerons and flaps, it was time to get a good pic from above.  I started the project with the wings, as did most everyone else and in the beginning thought I was supposed to prime along the rivet line, so the tops of the wings have primer on them.  The painter assures me it is no big deal as everything gets scratched up before final paint.



Got the ground wired to the panel

I got the ground from the firewall to the back of the panel.  I used a bolt through the firewall, put a nut on it, then the terminal, then another nut and it worked great.  So today, I turned on the panel for the first time with it’s own battery.

Here it is on the engine side.


Here it is on the panel side.


All engine wiring finished

We wired all of the CHT’s, EGT’s and all engine monitors, alternators & starter.  I still have to wire the red cube, but I have to wait until I get the plans for the FWF and the hoses to install it.  I had to use a 60amp fuse for the alternator and a 40amp fuse for the backup alternator, so they are wired here by the master and starter solenoids.  I still have to add the smaller boots to some of the terminals, but I have to order them.